Friday, June 29, 2012

Guilt-Free Smoking

White Cloud Cirrus 2 Premium e-cigarette Let me start by saying I do not condone smoking in any way shape or form. Now with that said, unfortunately I was a smoker, but now with the help of White Cloud I no longer smoke. I have tried to quit in the past several times with the help of medication, patches and gum. All with no sucess. This last time I wanted to give something else a try. When I was given the opportunity to review the White Cloud Cirrus Electronic Cigarette, I instantly jumped at the chance. I will say that the Cirrus Electronic Cigarette is not in any way marketed as a “stop smoking” product. However it is marketed as a “healthy” alternative to a regular cigarette. When I say “healthy” I am referring to the fact that these e-cigs do not contain any tobacco, tar or any other preservatives. They don’t even contain smoke. That’s right NO SMOKE! You will see an odorless vapor after taking a drag from the e-cig, and that’s about it. This product is a great alternative to the real thing. Plus they actually taste good… It’s hard to say exactly what they taste like but to give you an idea, they taste like a very clean cigarette. Even though they do not contain tobacco they do still contain some nicotine (which is actually not the harmful part of a cigarette). So as a smoker you still get the same fulfillment as you would with a regular cigarette. Plus you have your choice of full flavor, lights, menthol, or your choice of multiple different flavors from chocolate to coffee. That is actually a bigger variety than a cigarette. You still get the sensation of a real cigarette but without the major downfalls of them. Not only can you smoke with a lot less guilt, but you can do it just about anywhere without making most people angry. Your starter pack comes with… 2 E-cigarette batteries 5 SmoothDraw cartridges 1 USB charger 1 User manual That is more than enough to get you started. Considering that one SmothDraw cartridge is the equivalent of 40 cigarettes. But before you actually get started you are going to have to charge your cigarette. This product has helped me quite smoking and I DO recommend this product purely based on the fact that it is a much “healthier” alternative to a normal cigarette. After smoking one of these I did not have the urge at all to smoke a normal cigarette. I would say smoke away and like I said before do it with a lot less guilt. White Cloud E Cigarettes

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